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Old 07-27-2019, 08:49 PM
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Default New Pastor/new friend

In July 2018, our church received a new pastor. The previous one was there for over 19 years

Our "new guy" is a second career pastor. Before his calling, he was a construction manager. That's a good thing in my eyes. He's lived a "normal" life and heard it all, and even did it all before joining seminary.

He's originally from Alabama, has lived in North Carolina (outer banks), and after ordination, served his latest church in Hancock Md.

He and I hit it off instantly. At our first "head to head" meeting at Snyders Willow Grove over crab cakes, the waitress asked us for our drink orders. I said, "I'll have an Angry Orchard", he ordered a premium IPA beer.
He said, "Thanks for making that easy, I never know how to order at a first meeting of a church leader." I told him straight up, "I am who I am, no special graces to fool someone, take me as I am, or not at all."

When we finished lunch, we headed to the parking lot. He jumped into his Ram half ton truck, I into my Toyota half ton. I drove around to his parking spot and blocked him in. "Did you forget something?", he said.
I replied, "No, I just wanted to make sure that Dodge truck of yours started before I left you high and dry."

From that day on, we have a running joke about our vehicles.
One day, as I was trailering my boat to my slip, I had to stop by his house (parsonage) for some paperwork. He took one look at my truck/trailer/boat rig and asked if he needed to follow me to make sure "that Toyota" made it to the water

I've been wanting to ask him to fish with us, but as you can imagine, his first year at a new appointment has been SUPER busy with meetings and getting to know his parishioners.

Now that he's been here a year, he has "unofficially" scheduled Friday's as his "off" day for personal business and relaxation. Friday looked to be a perfect day to fish. Winds were low, and current/wind were together. It was ging to be upper 60's, low 70's in the early morning, and I hoped to be off the water before noon.

I've been doing Okay at some structure close to the boat, so we left the dock at 5:30 with the intension of being the first boat there. To my surprise, two boats were already ahead of us. My preferred anchoring place was available, so we decided to try our luck.

I had Calvin onboard (another member of our church and a close friend who fishes with me often) so my intention was to act as "mate" and let Calvin and the Preacher catch most of our fish.

It's a steep learning curve to liveline with a double drag system and rocks for your spot to swim down into. We had more than the normal "break offs", but I had a bunch of hooks/leaders tied up in anticipation. We also had a few ZZIINNGG's from not turning the handle and engaging the primary drag system

He was a quick learner, and soon was hooking up fish more consistently.
He put four low 20's fish in the box (needed 6) before a large charter boat (Miss Ashley) anchored up and had about 12 spot in the water to our two. Of course things slowed down considerably. I added one to the box before I decided to try another location.

Before we left, there was an old guy (80 yrs old) alone in a pontoon boat anchored next to us. He had no spot and he was commenting on each fish we caught ("That's a nice one", or just, "Pretty fish"). Before we left, I asked him if he wanted some of our extra spot? His face lit up I gave him eight spot in a bucket (he only needed two keepers), and turned to Calvin to say, "See what happens when the Preacher's onboard, here I am giving away bait." Calvin and Mike (preacher) both laughed.

I ran a few miles to another piece of structure where I've had success. In the disdance I could see one other boat anchored. As we approached, I could see it was a small center console with a new gps activated trolling motor on the bow. In the boat appeared two adult men and a couple of kids.

As I swung my boat into position, I told Calvin to toss a spot next to the structure. Before I dropped anchor, Calvin was "hooked up". The pastor netted a nice 23 inch fish and Calvin exclaimed, "I finally contributed to the box"

With our limit in the cooler, I told Calvin and Mike to set the hook quickly so not to deep hook anymore fish. Each brought a lip hooked would be keeper boat side in less than 5 minutes.

Not wanting to take any more chances, we looked at the center console who had produced nothing while we were there using perch as bait. With a couple of wide eyed kids looking at us and pointing to our boat, we once again donated about a dozen spot to their outing.

One of the adults said, "I'm a guide for the upper bay, I really appreciate the spot." He told us his name, but I forget I'm sure those kids got a chance to fisht some stripers after we left to resupply our bait for the next trip.

We put over 60 additional spot in the live well, and ran back to the dock where Calvin and I made short order fileting the days limit of fish. I gave the pastor three, and Calvin got three. Each was planing a fish fry with their 6 filets

I've found another fishing buddy. He may not be available often, but he's welcome back on my boat anytime.

It was a good day with good people. I hope you enjoyed the commentary.
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Old 07-28-2019, 07:12 AM
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I can behave! I promise!
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Old 07-28-2019, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Mako mike View Post
I can behave! I promise!
Thought I need to catch you NOT on M-W-F
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Old 07-29-2019, 12:32 PM
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Thank you for the report. I hope the donated spot were put to good use.
- Jeff
36' Judge "JUSTIFIED"

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